Ailments are not interesting individually, and feel like they're just different colors

It seems they all scale in the same manner: add chance to x, inc damage, dot, and aspd,cspd. If I play one ailment build, I don’t see a reason to play another, unless I want to use a different weapon. I’d really like to see some variety, such as making bigger hits apply more stacks at once, or just change the mechanic to be based on hit damage for some ailments. Maybe poison could be based on total poison damage your character has, but can only put one stack, such that the flavor of the ailment is that the stronger you make your poisons the more effective they are.

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Yes there are a ton of ailments and little variety. But that’s like damage types, there’s no difference between Void and Fire, it’s just cosmetic.

Some consolidation of like ailments would be nice.

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Yea, mechanically they are very boring. It all ends up being a matter of choosing which colour of highlighter you want to inflict upon your enemies.
Basically they boil down to “apply as many stacks as possible in the shortest amount of time”, and the main differentiating factor ends up being which set of uniques you have to use.
I have not tried warlock yet, but the overload mechanic does not seem to change this too much.

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Poison used to have a bit of flavor when it always reduced poison resist, but that scaling was deemed too OP and reduced.

It would be nice to have each ailment have a different character, such as bleed reducing health regen, ignite and shock spreading, frostbite slowing, etc. But I assume that would take much considerable balancing.


Tbf, running 250+ poison stacks as badly geared Beastmaster was kinda OP.

And if we ignore the damage & duration:

  • Damned: Reduced Health regeneration
  • Frostbite: Increased chance to Freeze
  • Poison: 60% resistance shred
  • Time Rot: Increased stun duration

Time Rot has a cap, I ignored all the others with one because they have a base uncapped version.

So basically, it’s Bleed, Ignite, Electrify(new) that don’t have a secondary effect while being stackable. But classes do have several “Hit against ” modifiers you could scale with instead, so it’s a balance between using it to scale hits vs full damage over time, which is OK to me.

I like the ignite idea a lot. Spreading Flames is already an ailment that’s useful for going through campaign, but you can’t really scale it outside of inc damage.

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