Ailment Rework a Failure?

I kinda feel like Ailment rework was a failure, previously a skill could do good Ailment damage even if it didn’t have a lot of more multipliers in the skill tree(like serpent strike, spirit thorns and fireball). This made building Ailment builds kinda different from hit/crit. Now it seems Ailment build variety is much more limited.

Hit damage scales with: %inc dmg, more dmg, penetration and crit and the base can be increased with more flat damage
Ailment DoT scales with: %inc dmg, more dmg, penetration. Effect used to help even the scales but…

Well anyway, this is just my opinion from playing so far.

I agree.

I think losing an entire scaling vector(effect) was just a nail in the coffin.

Especially for ailments that cant stack infinitely. Plague/spreading flames/doom all are actually way weaker then before cause their powerful uniques that grant access to them instead of having what was a more multiplier before is now just a modifier that stacks with pen you were getting.

Atrophy went from very powerful offensive gloves that were weak defensively to extremely weak gloves for many ailment builds.

Like before atrophy was 25% more damage on a plague focused build with a well rolled plague bearers. now if you have a max rolled plague bearers, you have 225/200 = 12.5% damage.

before you had X * 3 * 1.25 = 3.75x, now you have X * 3.25 = 3.25x, you lose 14% of your damage from that change alone. and it just gets worse the more sources of pen/resistance shred you had.

It feels like many ailment builds that were average went to barely playable and the outliers are still outliers because of some other issue not tied to core ailment mechanics…

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And sadly seems there is no changes for another patch.

I honestly don’t really understand what was so wrong/confusing with “increased ailment effect”. Especially poison got bonked super hard. Not only does the innate res reduction no have infinite stacking, it now also stack additively with what used to be increased effect of poisons.
And all ailments got as a compensation was a slight buff (or sometimes nerf) to their base damage.

That absolutely had to change. If it didn’t then you’d have 4x poison builds syacking the innate resist shred for even more redoncilously high damage than they used to be able to do solo.

Though I agree that ailment affect didn’t need to be removed because it wasn’t confusing to non-mouth breathers (or people who asked and had had it explained).

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I gotta say I dont have an opinion on this matter, since I mostly play meme minion builds.
So, to all ailment enjoyers, how was your experience with the rework? And please provide build examples. Thanks!

The only people that seem to thing poison changes were not a total disaster seem to be doing the balancing.

I’ll take hilariously overpowered (before) over completely unusable (now) any day of the week.

Yes, I understand old poison would’ve been busted in multiplayer. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck now.
I don’t want the infinite stacking back I just think poison could have gotten a bit more of a compensation buff. Also Serpent’s Milk is pretty much useless now (not that I tried it before).