Age of Undeath (Perm Abom)

Tldr; At least several strange interactions. Respecing/relvling is too tedious to test the interactions to determine the issue.

Edit: Continued testing…seems there are many strange interactions with skellies/hollowfinger/aaron will/age of undeath.

)Abom begins to decay if equipping aaron’s will after abom is summoned.
)Not sure exact trigger, but seemingly after getting engorgement node(might be devour?) on abom, using skelly mage can lock the skelly mage into only summoning one type. Removing a point from mage type and readding prevents until future summoning(inconsistent haven’t reproduced reliably yet).
)Perm Abom disappears when changing zones. (Entering mono zone so far tested)
)After a few summons, devour or not the Summon abom skill doens’t seem to be able to tell there’s any available minions nearby and will perma channel if there’s more minions than just skells. (5 golem in this case)

(Wearing hollow finger rings while summoning an Abom with Age of undeath node causes the abom to decay. It’s still limited to warriors/mages yet decays normally. Also, using aaron’s will : Summoning Abom with Age of undeath and then summoning golems, causes the abom to decay yet Bone golems are not able to be consumed. So bone golems are counting towards the skeleton limit to trigger decay but not allowed to be consumed…which granted…you wouldn t want them to be consumed but to avoid triggering decay. Just an observation)

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