After playing 15 hours

My hope is that LE becomes as popular as D3 & POE cause LE has the makings to be game the the year one day.

The graphics are truly remarkable, so many different types of enemies from map to map, & the maps are so detailed & “Shiney” I like a shiney map cause Grim Dawn maps are so dull & Torchlight so nothing but a Pixar movie.

The only thing I want is everything in voices I don’t care for reading dialog in games that much.

Thank you for your time & “Rise Last Epoch Rise”


I think so too!

Also need more side quest

Well the graphics i think is one of the weakest sides of game currently.


Have you seen Grim Dawn it’s a shit show of graphics & Torchlight is nothing more then a CGI movie

Also I don’t like the graphics of POE

i compare to recent games.
With all my hate to Wolcen their graphics is much better.


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