After patch dying randomly even when not hit

after patch i have been constantly dying no matter what level monolith. Out of no where I just die and nothing hit me and the game doesn’t indicate how i died. Also the day after patch diamond matron or Rahyeh were stalking me in the monoliths no matter which monolith i went to.


Same here , keep getting one shot randomly in monoliths, what going on.


I have the same problem. But somehow its kinda weird to me.

It didn’t happen immediately after the patch, i was playing for straight up 5 hours and nothing happened, and then suddenly i just start dying without any cause.

And my case i tested how far this goes and in my case i even died randomly in the starter areas. I was for test reasons in a lvl 30 area and also there i died randomly on random weak mobs. (As a lvl 75 Char)
And its always only “You Died”, no cause, no nothing.
And my corpse after dying teleports away from the point where i randomly died.

Its such a gamebreaking bug that i cant even play this game anymore now. Because im unable to progress


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Exactly, getting the same random deaths.

I started to have this issue. Did you guys find out how to fix it? This game is unplayable for me now.

This is happening a lot. In addition, it seems like the game is having difficulty displaying certain things at times. Sometimes reinstall will fix some issues, and sometimes the same attack that one shots you may be visible while others may not be.

Some of the issues my friends and I have run into
-All enemies not visible in an entire zone. This is fixed when zoning in and out
-One shot Necrotic attack from the golems in Soulfire Bastion
-Orobyss: this has happened with the fire orb explosion, void explosion, flame thrower, poison vomit

I like this game but a lot of these deaths, on top of punishing mechanics such as losing Gaze or failing your dungeon runs, is extremely demoralizing (even more so when you die and then prophecy objective dies so you also lose your prophecies). Please look into this as you have a very solid game