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Afk farming

Anybody else enjoying the ability to go afk as minion beastmaster during Arena waves so you can come back to a screen full of loot? XD

Doing this a lot lately to farm prefixes and suffixes for new characters…

Yeah did that in the older demo version - altough I was never really afk - now I’m playing a Void Knight, spinning around and erasing enemies, fun as well!

Maybe the void Knight with its stationary spin skill and range extension could do afk farming as well ?

Cant really do that in higher waves of arena due to stuff doing enough damage to demolish you if you dont move out of damage, particular big black thing (and fucker is tanky and kills your totem pretty fast too) that spams purple circles that will eventually gonna kill u and those dudes that leave ground base aoes that do dmg over time that will also gonna kill u if you sit on them.

Got to lvl 100 in HC / solo mode at floor 298 or so. Full dps totem build. Otherwise yeah beastmaster seems pretty damn good compared to voidknight or sorcerer…

Or that new Ice ‘Dragon’ (that aint not dragon) Wyrm thing that is the cousin of the old acid one…I always go for life leech on melee builds because pots and heal skills never cut it by themselves, and the Ice beastard hits like a truck in a stealthy way that AFKing wouldn’t stop from happening.

Never considered doing this, but it’s a good idea.


We are in the process of removing the boards for the mastery classes.

I’ve moved this thread from Beastmaster to Primalist as a courtesy.