AFK bug and WW bug

Hi - super pumped about this update!

A few things I’ve noticed so far:

  1. being in your stash, even if your are scrolling around and clicking and moving gear, will still boot you for being afk (if you aren’t moving or casting) – and the stash window also covers the chat box warning that a kick is incoming.

  2. there is severe lag when a WW item levels up (5-10 seconds where you can move but nothing around you is moving). While the item adds new affixes, your character doesn’t actually receive them – and then when you take the item off, it removes what it never gave you, leaving you with negative amounts of the added affixes. This was not just visual --I timed a cooldown vs a WW item with CDR on it.

  3. you cannot send messages in chat with linked items.



I just noticed I have negative attunement on my necro. I’m pretty sure what happened is the weaver’s will boots added on attunement but I never got the attunement, then when I unequipped them, it subtracted attunement that I never had actually received…

Edit: relogging without the boots on reset my attunement to 1

It now appears that all of the added affixes didn’t actually apply onto my character… and then removing the gear made me get negative amounts of all the added affixes… i.e., I also got cooldown reduction on the boots and my transplant CD never changed from 4.3s as I went from T0 to T7 CDR, then when I took off the WW boots the transplant CD went up to 6s.