Affixes or passives that give +1 or more points to use in Skills

I dont know about everyone else but i always hate hitting level 20 with a skill.

Why, you ask? Cause the skills done, no more to come out of it, no more points to play with.

Now i know you cant just boost the level cap of skills to say 25. I mean you can but then balancing is all over the place

No, what i would like to see instead is shards that drop that you can collect just like any other crafting shard that increase the amount of points you have on a skill. +1 point for every tier. You would have to sacrifice a current slot already taken on your item and maybe limit this to only 1 item? so you cant get +10 points on just one skill or maybe you can cause youve sacrifice that many slots. Or maybe only allow this shard to be crafted on the new idols, but it would be so much more to do

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And just to be clear it isnt affixes that give +1 to all skills each one you find would be for A skill so in this way if you found a bunch for a different class skill u have never tried it might make you go play it just cause u can get it to +25 or higher.

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I like the idea of + to skills/passives. Most hack and slash games have them.

Yeah and they could make it a huntimg game where skills are locates in specific areas and are super rare drops so it takes along time to do and you dont wanna waste them
The higher level skills you find on higher level maps and lower level skills in first chapters. Or maybe only bosses can drop them so you gotta boss hunt

I would presume capping out a skill at max rank 20 will come at a much later stage(mayb low to mid 90’s?) once the game is released. whilst this doesn’t solve your issue with “being done” with a skill it will come at a much later time than it does now.

As for the suggestion itself, I like the idea of items give +skill level bonuses to skills. it is a generally fun mechanic and when balanced doesn’t have much of a draw back.


Totally agree, + to specific skills is an cool way to further customize your build , especially with the skill system in LE, where those 1 or 2 points could make a huge difference.

But i guess since the skill system is what it is it might be a little more complicated. altough still possible to implent i guess.

Skill Point allocation and losing skill poitns when changing gear needs to work properly.


Well of course everything needs to be coding correctly, but definitely implementable. In POE i know gems lvl max is 20 but there are ways to get it higher. Havent played much but cant u get gems to like lvl 30?

Yes there are ways in PoE to make gems level 21 and above via crafting/Affixes, but in PoE that are purely stat increases, while in LE skill Points are not limited to stat increases. Some skill Points Change the behaviour of skills and due to the “tree” layout some nodes require prerequisite skill points.

That was my main Point. The devs might Need to adjust the skill tree interface a Little bit to represent for example skill Points that come from items/affixes.

There are also 2 different ways to implement this, one way is just simply give items/affixes + of a certain skill(that you can free spend in the skill tree) and there could also be the second Option where the item/Affix gives a certain node from a skill tree (without needing to put Points into it or reaching the skill tree of that point)

While the first option is very flexible and the go-to way i would say, the second option might be something for gamechanging/gamebreaking uniques/legendaries


Either way I hope they go this route someday. Some builds I love and just want to go further with them but they are capped.

Until now I didn’t really think about it. But it is true: leveling skills is getting more and more uninteresting the higher the level gets. There is now moment like “Whoo, maxed out! Partytime!”

The most interesting skillnodes we focus on from the beginning so that we have the climax of leveling around level 8-12. The rest is bonus. Still important but less than before. And most of the time the last 1-3 points just raise some stats and are no playstyle changing decisions.

So there might be st least a cool bonus when hitting max level. Something like increased critical chance, damage, stun chance, minion hp or whatever. Something that fits the type of skill.

After lvl 20 there could also be something like paragon system of diablo 3. So we could get additional levels and spend those points in similar passive bonuses of the skill. Those bonuses depend on the skillnodes already chosen. So if you skilled +ignite chance you can give it +x % ignite chance with lvl 21. Passive bonuses we did not achieve by picking their skillnodes would not be available for skilling.

Those levels should be capped at some lvl depending on the character level. This way we cannot level infinite. After a despecialisation the leveling speed of a new skill should be increased so we could get to the same level like begore in a fair amount of time.

I don’t like the idea of giving additional points to skill further on. This way we would get all skillnodes in the end and there is no need to make important choices.

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