Affixes Not working

The unique “Close Call” affix “increases dodge rating by 40% for each recent block” does not work. While running a paladin build thought this was a perfect time to try and break the 80% dodge barrier and noticed that even after 3-4 blocks in a row my dodge didnt change at all. At the time i had around 600 points in dodge and it didnt even go up 1 point. Would have been a cool to build around so hope it gets fixed!

Thanks, I’ve confirmed this bug internally.

Can i get tagged in any post concerning this bugs fix date :slight_smile: i have the paladin build on standby and want to see the dodge skyrocket :slight_smile:

Keep an eye on the patch notes section, a fix for this has already been included in 0.7.4b. :slightly_smiling_face:

I thought I read all those bug fixes and didnt see it but good to know! Thank you

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