Affixes level requirement and drop level

Is drop level for affixes same as level requirement? I know it is the same for items bases, but what about affixes?

Found neat table here

, so is the “level requirement” column can be replaced as “drop level”?

No, i dont have the table for what affixes drop at which levels but its not related to the level requirement of gear.

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No. As Boardman said, the two are separate. The lvl requirement for equipping is based on the highest affix (& I think the total affix count but I can never remember the formula).

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If you are looking affix level requirements from external sites such as letools or tunklab, yes that is drop level for the affix.

Hybrid Health for example drops in lvl45+ areas (but even level 1 characters can use them)

Item level requirement is not related to affix level requirement. The formula for item level requirement is:

There are three things that can determine an item's level requirement.
 A. Base type level (e.g. Longsword requires level 50)
 B. Unique level requirement (just a fixed value for each unique)
 C. Affix level
  • each affix tier has a value [1, 3, 6, 10, 14, 15, 16]
  • The Affix Level is the sum of the values of its affixes' tiers, plus twice the value of its highest tier affix, minus 10
  • So for an item with a tier 3 affix, and a tier 5 affix, the Affix Level would be 6 + 14 + (2 * 14) - 10 which is 38.

For a normal item, the level requirement is just A.
For magics and rares it's the maximum of A and C.
For uniques it's just B.
For legendaries it's the maximum of B and C

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