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Affixes formulas

Would be nice to have a place preferebly ingame where all affixes formulas are with their descriptions so u can min max your char. I dont have a feeling i can really on tooltip. Anyone have the same feeling? Anyone can share some of the formulas that they know here? I would be very grateful

Thanks to one of the saints of ARPGs, Dammit:

Last Epoch Item Database (

Thanks for your link and reply im am avare of this page but there is no formulas here or am i misssing something?

By formulas I had assumed you meant the values of each tier; for example, comparing a T5 Spell Damage value range with a T5 Lightning Damage value range?

Like this search for example:

Search… - Last Epoch Item Database (

Was this what you were asking for?

Thx for the link,didn’t know bout that website and it looks great.

I was searching for something like this… This is fractured formula Instability + [5 * (affix tier level - 1)]
Im looking for same thing just for affixes :slight_smile:
The reason i would like to have it is that by knowing formula u understand the core of each affix and how good it applies to your build

Have you tried the guide in-game (G)? Or

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i feel so stupid now, everything is there i was not expecting it, devs are amazing to put something like this already in beta, thanks a lot!!

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