Affixes - added and increased

Could you help me?
I don’t know how the forge really works
In my inventory I can see all my affixes. Some of them are increased, others are added. What does it mean ? What is the difference?

I assume that you are talking about damage affixes.

Tl:DR: +x is additve with the base, % increased scales the base and stacks additively with itself.

Long explanation:

+x to some sort of damge (e.g. weapon or spell or physical or lightning…) means it gets added to the base damage of what you are doing. For example if you play a spell skill like Meteor or Rip Blood , that skill has a fixed base damage value.

Lets say you play Rip Blood, and let’s assume RB has a base damage value of 100 dmg (just a convenient number, wich i pulled out of you know where :D. LE Tools might have exact values, idk.)

Then RB also has a property called ‘damage effectiveness’. The game tells you this value in the mouseover+ALT-tooltip. For example for RB it says " added damage applies at 100% effectiveness" meaning one point of damge added is 1 point of damage gained for RB. With 200% effectiveness you would get 2 :1 value from added damge, with 50% you would only gain 0.5 points of damage per point of added damage.

OK, let’s say you equip a wand, that gives you +50 Spell damage from its base type. This damage then gets added at 100% effectiveness to your RB. RB now has a base damage of 150. This number is called base damage, because it’s the base for all further calculations.

Here is where “increased x-damage” comes into play. All forms of “Increased damge” from passives, affixes on gear, attributes or skill nodes get added together to one single multiplier, wich one could call “the additive stack”.

For example, if you have 100 int (= 400% inc dmg for RB) and 200% inc phys damge and 150% inc spell damage you would have a total of 750% increased damge for RB.

That means you now would deal 150 dmg + (150 x 7.5) dmg.

And then, of course, there are other multipliers for your damage. (The game typically uses the word “more” to indicate something is a seperate multiplier).

Which stat is better you might ask? Well, mathematically they are just two numbers, that you multiply, so whatever results in the bigger result is better. In practice you rarely have a choice, but when you do flat damage is usually more effective, because it is harder to get. That’s only a rule of thumb though.

I hope you are not too confused now.

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Thank you so much
Your explanation is so helpful

Press “G” when you are In-Game the game gudie explaisn all of that.

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