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Affix Shards resetting to quantity One

Quite simply…affix shards that I should easily have a ton of. Some I know for a fact over 250 are now suddenly at quantity one. Ouch. Interestingly, even after I use the “1 remaining affix shard” I can still continue to craft that affix. However it will disappear from the list so if I then change to a different affix shard I am no longer able to reselect the bugged affix shard.

Its about half of my affix shards that are affected. Guess I’m done crafting til next patch:P
Operating System:

Detailed description:

What were you doing at the time?

How consistently does this happen?

Your system information:

Your log file:

Can you please post the log file?

how do i do that again exactly?:slight_smile:

ah found it. have to warn you though it will be huge. I’ve been running arena from like level 30 to lvl 98 :stuck_out_tongue:

output_log.txt (407.4 KB)
here we go

Is that the log file for the launcher?

We need the log file for the game client. There’s a link to a guide in your post.

Ugh…tried to upload the other file…its too large to upload here…max size is 4096 kb:P I knew it would be a big file!

if i log in again will the file be lost? I hit 100 finally…wave 1571 so i exited the game and restarted my poor computer after many days:P

Could you maybe zip it and e-mail it to

The file is overwritten each time the game client is opened, though if you rename the file or move / place a copy of it in another directory then you’ll still have it.

Sent it:)

A little update that might help you figure out the exact cause. Before my last login I had over 255 glyphs of stability. Now I have 1. Hope this helps. With my very limited coputer science knowledge i believe its related to having affix shards / glyphs over 255 in value.

Thanks, passed that on to the person investigating this.

Disregard my previous post about the 255 thing. I have no idea whats going on, but it seems my affix shards have been restored to their proper values out of no where. Unless you guys did it for me? However my glyph of guardians have been reset to one from around 100. My glyphs of stability remain at 1.

Maybe we could have a “Glyph of Madness: Make the item disappear from time to time” :smiley:

I do actually love this idea lol. A glyph that causes the item to disappear from the inventory/character for a set amount of time with the exchange of extra powerful mods:)

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Sound like you’ll be a fan of our Eternity Cache system!

I hope you won’t mind me asking this, but since you’re the only one affected…

How many characters have you been playing during this time? Are some Hardcore and others not? Are some Solo Challenge or Masochism while others are not?

I can attest that others have been affected like dnt :slight_smile: Talked to him about it in the “in game” chat. When i first noticed it I was literally only playing 1 character straight through. It was my number 1 ladder sc waves character. So I’m sure I never logged off or switched characters. When I noticed the secondary effects I had basically logged in and out of all my characters both sc and hc trying to organize my stash.

None are Masochism or Solo Challenge.

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