Advice on using Werebear form

Relatively new to the game, I’m running a Lightning Swipe werebear build and really enjoy its tankiness and damage output but I’m having trouble understanding how to use some of the core skills. I’m only about level 35 or so, with specs in Swipe, Bear and Warcry so far.

Specifically, what I’m having trouble with is Rampage, I don’t understand how to use it. When I cast it, sometimes nothing appears to happen. If I target a location and hit it, I seem to run toward that location in a kind of channeled way and damage mobs enroute but rarely does this line up with where the mobs actually are. I’d appreciate someone articulating how best to use this skill and some of the nuances with using it, because I’m obviously missing the point.

The other issue I have is how to use my other skills, the ones that are on my bar before I take bear form. As I level up, I assume I will get to the point where I can maintain rage enough to stay permanently in bear form and just rely on those skills, and I’m also aware that some of the skills available to me are intended to be indirectly cast by some of my skill tree points, so I think that will come organically if I understand all this correctly?

I appreciate any insights or understandings. Thanks!

Rampage is just a movement skill that also will kill smaller enemies whiel charging through them.

It is a channeled skill, so you need to press & hold the skill and the character will charge towards the direction fo your cursor.

Just use this to move between mob packs and over longer empty areas with no enemies.

You can also use it to dodge telegraphs from bosses.

I don’t know your specific build, but yes organically your skill synergies and Werebear uptime will increase. Either through skill spec tree nodes or through unique items.

Whiel you are in any Transformation Your mana changes to rage, but all means of gaining mana with the exception of mana/sec will still apply to your rage.
So any mana on hit, mana on kill or other means that are not mana/sec will work on your rage, to keep the transformation up longer.

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Thanks for the input. Didn’t realize that Rampage was little more than a movement skill, I expected it to be more of an offensive skill given some of the tree nodes I’ve picked up that increase Maul & Rampage together. That helps my understanding. Thanks again.

Don’t underestimate this for charging through trash and wiping out everything to either side. It can actually be very satisfying, especially with Apex Predator.