Advice on a blood mage build?

The title. I just got last epoch and saw that the Acolyte, had a rip blood spell and I was wondering if there are any other blood spells and if it was possible to make a build around it.

maybe with the new skills included in the next patch.

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You can make a build around it. Typically for a build you want a main dmg spell and the supporting skills (or possibly another dmg layer spell). Use rip blood as your main spell and then look for other supporting skills. Look into marrow shards. That may have what you are looking for. Also transplant can synergize with rip blood pretty well. Mark for Death is good for just about any build. Detonate corpse would be interesting as your fifth skill but it doesnt have a tree yet unfortunately. Possibly defile also but it also doesnt have a tree. Summon Golem may be decent to take some aggro off you. Lots of options!

Look into the splatter node or eviscerate node on rip blood. Or both for lots of AoE.

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awesome. now which mastery class should I go with for this build?

At this point, Lich makes the most sense. Since you wont have minions, Necro doesnt make much sense.

Note that you can still take passives in the necro tree if you want up to about halfway up the tree, but the bonuses from specializing into lich are better for this build.

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Also, as Macknum pointed out, there is a new skill called Drain Life coming in the next patch (probably coming out this upcoming week or early the following week. That may be decent with this build. Acolyte is also getting skill called plague spirits but i bet that will be more of a necromancer skill.

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I will likely be trying something like this next patch…based on the patch notes. I am definitely playing acolyte next patch though.

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Thank you for your help. I think I will build the foundation for this character now, but hold off on the full build until after the patch.

Characters roll over between patches so you can do it now if you want. If they make major changes to passives and what not, they usually provide a reset so it shouldnt matter. Also, you can respec everything except your mastery so you should be safe. Respec is cheap and easy.

The only think you wont be able to get is the leveling experience with the new skills if they fit the build. Up to you though.

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