Advice for My First 3 LP Uniques

A few days ago I got lucky and dropped my firts two 3 LP Uniques within an hour or so of each other. Any advice on the best affixes to craft onto them or best builds to use them for?

Usurper’s Mandate and Hands of Judgment

Don’t know about the Mandate but I’ve got a 3 LP HoJ as well.

Currently looking for the best Gloves I can find to pair it with.

Increased Area/Increased DoT/Added Mana
Added Health
Hybrid Health

The second slot is the one I’m waffling on. My build uses DoT for clearing stuff (holy trail). You get a lot of area with attunement so maybe that wouldn’t be top choice. Added Mana because of Pious Offering though you also get extra mana with added Attunement.

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