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Advice for my 1st class considering I didn't play Alpha

Hi guys!!,

these are the classes that I like:

Acolyte --> Necromancer, Warlock and Lich
Mage --> Sorcerer, Runemaster and Spellblade
Primalist --> Shaman and Druid

Is there any video where I could see all those subclasses in action?

As I don’t know which class/subclass choose tomorrow…!!!


EDIT: It looks like maybe I can find them on youtube, so I will try to find all of them and see which one I like most :stuck_out_tongue:

Most likely you see some on youtube and other sites people stream on.
You wont see Runemaster, Warlock or Druid though as they not been added to the game yet. Druid will be in the beta from the start and be the class I am going to play first as I want to see Spriggon and Werebear forms.
The other thing is 12 new skills and 6 skill customisation trees and tweaks etc.

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Ok great, thanks!

I only played a week in the Alpha, but I found necromancer to be pretty fun. Nice little minion army.

Necro or shaman are strong classes with powerful pets/summons. In the Alpha I think about half your power comes from gear the other half from skill lv(points you put into skills when lv up) There are some builds that dont really get good til you’re lv50+.

In Alpha the story content was mega easy, zero chance to die once you had all your skills and some decent gear.

Nobody knows what beta will be like but I wouldn’t worry about what to play first, you’ll have plenty of time to try all classes. Remember there will be a character wipe before release so no point investing too much into a single character.

Perfect, thanks. Also so that primalist maybe it´s a good choice… mmmm :slight_smile:

I can verify that necro is fun, assuming it does not radically change in beta for the worse, which I’m sure it will not going by patch notes. It is n00b friendly. I have had access to alpha from the beginning but have not played enough to NOT be called a n00b. Time constraints and I get bored in alphas.

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Testing for sure.

If you like a summoner builds i can recommend going beast master: there’s a youtube vid of a beast master in the arena. He summoned about 10 wolves and seemed nearly unstoppable. I haven’t played since pre-alpha and first phase of alpha but summoner classes have always been my favorite classes to play in arpg’s.

Just want to say that pretty much any class is unstopable in the first 50 waves of the arena;)

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I’m curious @ sirris, what was the highest clear on the leaderboards for arena? Do they have leaderboards for it?

This patch a gentlemen went to 97 and wave 1290 or something like this. Last patch I was able to go from lvl 30ish to 100 and it took 1570 waves.

Wow…i’m not sure if i can sit in my chair that long lol.

I have a video with build details and some game play posted of my hammerdin that made it to wave 896 at level 85 ish or so in the Sentinel section of the forums.

I’m guessing you have to marathon it? This BM took 20 mins to clear 50 waves only so that means it would take a while to make it to wave 800+. I will do some research about the in’s and out’s of the game as i have been away from the game for soo long and need to be refreshed on the basics of the game.

In the patch notes it was mentioned that the Arena difficulty will ramp up quicker so Im sure it will take significantly less time. Pretty sure the days of those high tiers are gone.

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Yea I would just leave the game open. I didnt actually play that much at the time. But grinded it away with the game in the background. Was lucky to not crash although the game is very solid crash wise these days.

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