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Additonal Afflixes

Is it just me or does anyone else have trouble capping all resistances while also adding secondary and tertiary defensive layers? I realize it becomes much easier once you get a few blessings from MoF but I feel like I constantly have to choose between resistances and health for instance so mid game I’ll have capped resistances and like 600 hp. I’d love for them to add another prefix/suffix so that I can have more freedom but I realize how much this would imbalance the game. Just wanted to see what other peoples thoughts were.

You don’t need to cap your resists. If dropping 1 affix slot for a resist means you can take an additional dodge/endurance/health affix & you’re still near the cap, then you’ll be ok to do that. Also, some masteries have a much easier time of getting resists than others (the Pally, for example).

You can also get quite a lot of resists from specific pieces of gear, such as the bone amulet that can give up to 40% phys & necrotic resist. That’s over half of the amount you require from 1 item base for 2 resists! The gold amulet base gives the same amount for fire & lightning, the gold ring base gives up to 18% to fire/cold/lightning resists, there are also a few glove & boot bases that give resists.

It also kind of depends on what you mean by “mid-game”. If you’re only around lvl 50, then yea you probably will have difficulty capping resists since a lot of the base items that give resists are maybe not available to you yet. And as Llama8 said, you don’t necessarily have to cap resists.

It comes down to a balance in the end, giving up some offense for the defense if you do want to cap it. Drop a bit of movement speed for resists (silver ring to gold ring), for example.

I am finding it much easier to cap some resists than others (fire is super easy, for example). And as Llama8 said some classes will definitely have an easier time. Some classes are better off focusing on one or the other, especially midgame. Rogue has a very easy time getting high dodge, sentinel has block/armor/resists (depending on mastery), primalist has endurance and mage/acolyte have ward. Its about balancing the class’ defensive gear, and balancing the gaps in defenses with affixes and innate stats on items, if you do want to go heavy defense.