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Added Spell Damage Types Spell Casters


  • ADDED spell damage types.


  • Wands Only.


  • Sorcerer/Shaman/Necromancer/Lich


  • Spell casters dont get dual wielding (Yet?) and didnt get anywhere near the boosted damage dual wielding builds got
  • Spell casters got the back burner on EXALTED items as MELEE builds can now add double the amount of flat damage from Tier 5 to Tier 7, while spell casters got 0 adaptive spell damage added.


  • Anytime

Is there a point to this post? Is it a statement, a request, theorycrafting?

Is this a synonym of a suggestion

Was that a statement or a question? Can’t tell due to the lack of either a full stop of a question mark.

Sentence makes no sense

I’m confused :confused:

What does it all mean?

We have +7 melee fire damage
We need +7 spell fire damage

And punctuation, you need punctuation as well.

Ahh I see.

Then yes, I agree.

Can a proper sentence start with and?

No, but I’d take it as an improvement.

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