Add way to loot boss on simultaneous kill/player death instances

Its fairly shitty to build up 500+ stability, do the 3 quests, and then kill the boss but as it dies you also die so theres no portal in to gather loot. Seems like an oversight, cant imagine this was thought out and intentional. If it was I stand corrected nevermind me.

Id also like arena keys to go to account inventory or at the very least stack in bank but thats another post.

Its not an oversight, you only get one life in LE against bosses, they want bosses to matter and they do for this reason, the thing is you arent really just ‘killing the boss’ you need to leave the arena alive. If you die vs a boss and your minion kills it the loot still drops but you cant claim it and if you die to the boss from lingering degen/attack you still died either way

The problem here is really the one life issue. PoE for example gives you 6 portals on a boss and you can still use them all and lose but you do get at least multiple tries per attempt

Ive gone into PoE bosses blind, got one shot from some attack I didnt know, but re-entered carried on the fight and avoided it from then on and managed to win, if that was LE I would of just died and fight is over. Julra is especially bad for this

Is this your opinion? If not link where you got this information if you could.

played for a long time, and always been this way for years. why is this not an oversight?

actually you reminded me there was a bug years ago where your minions could kill a timeline boss while you were dead and you could complete the echo as the Green portal would appear while dead and you could enter it, you could complete normal echoes while dead too, that was removed. You still cant loot while dead though not sure why you dont understand that

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If this was in the game, you’d simply run a minion build, like abom, or manifest armor, make it exceptionally tanky, and afk every boss fight, come back, pick up your loot.

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So your perceived issue, which I say perceived because whos going to actually do this, really is bringing in a completely different issue which most likely wont make it to full launch anyways. That is how minions continue to fight indefinitely after player death. When you die in a solo boss fight it should reset. My request is different scenario and I think something like that ought to be there so when you actually kill a boss, not your minions kill it 15 mins after you die, you should be able to get you items.

In the pinnacle race that just happened the hardest t4 boss died for me a few seconds after i died because my minion kept hitting it. If what you want was in teh game, I’d just fully commit to that strategy (not worrying about living, worrying about living until im in the grace period), and that kill would be counted.

This isn’t a fantasy scenario, it’s a very common thing that happens in arpgs, dots are also the other one. If you die before the boss is dead, you died. Should we get damage immunity after a boss is dead, or something to protect us? probably.

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Ya immunity after would be fine too, actually thats even better idea.

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