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Add Pet control

Add some thing to control pet, they attack random.

This was actually added in the current version of the game (0.5.3), you can press A (by default) while pointing at an enemy and your minions will attack it.

There’s currently no way to know that you can do that unless you read the patch notes, so it’s quite easy to miss.

Oh ok, thanks!

There are also skills which direct all your minions onto one target.

Awesome. I wish there was a way / skill that allowed pets to be set to aggressive/ defensive/ passive. Similar to how titan quest had it. Some times when playing a pet class my derps run ahead of me and get themselves killed lol. Not a huge complaint just a QoL thing.

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My necromancer is to busy running in the arena to worry about targeting stuff. But yes a Aggressive/passive system would be nice.

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