Add more punch to skills & be more careful about animation


I haven’t played the game yet but I’ve seen quite a few videos and what it seems to me is that the skills often aren’t animated as good as they could have been.

As an example: - YouTube

The sword slash has little to no punch to it, and it feels like the character is not using full force to perform the move.
Same thing goes with the golem who has plenty of wind up but the attack itself is almost as slow as the windup and without any punch.

The importance of such animations came to me already from Path of Exile where left hand and right hand weapon slots would have different animations.
While left hand looked very fluid and punchy, the right hand felt sloppy.
I personally preferred keeping my weapon often in the left slot, although it caused me a drop in DPS by 10%.

This example is best shown with Reave skill & Foils - left hand
Kiss Me Quick Duelist Gladiator Reave Guide - Shaper Run - YouTube;
vs right hand
Kiss Me Quick Duelist Gladiator Reave Guide - MF 97% IIQ 165% IIR - T16 Underground River - YouTube

Other than that - looks like a very promising game and I’ll definitely give it a spin some time in the future!

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