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First of all, wow, I want to say that this is by far the best filter system I have seen in an ARPG. It is very intuitive and extremely useful. I would just add one more condition to the rule list and that is gold value. Since, I assume the gold values are the same in every Era and with every shopkeeper, it would be a handy way weed out the less valuable drops if you are an old school hoarder like me. (I used to take every single item in Diablo 1 back to town to sell…yeah I know I wasted months of my life…oh well.) Also, you could make the filter always show high value items even if they are not for your class, etc.

Not opposed to adding this to the lootfilter, but I am honestly interested in why?

The gold value of items has very little meaning in terms of the items true value as usable gear and selling the highest value items in LE right now is not really a viable way of earning gold vs just picking up gold drops during play. (The exception to this is selling keys) Other than buying stash tab and passve respec’s gold has no purpose…

“Weeding out” less valuable drops would probably be better done by filtering by total Tier or ignoring things with less affixes… or highlighting things with more valuable (build wise) affixes/combinations…

Really am interested in why you would need to filter by gold…

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Well, I’ve noticed that some smaller items that only take up one or two spaces in the inventory can be worth around 200 gold. And often they are blue items that most of the time are filtered out or yellows from other classes etc that are filtered out. When the legendary items are only worth 500 gold, I say that it is worth picking up that item 200 item for the value. Otherwise, why are items worth any gold at all? For a player that enjoys grinding, I want to feel like I’m getting the most coin as well.

I guess my question is, “Doesn’t anyone else that plays this game simply pick up items to sell them?” I can’t believe that I’m the only one doing it. You can believe my ways of gaming to be inefficient, but I am playing the game to enjoy myself. I will most likely not be a top tier gamer so I’m not terribly interested in watching videos on how the do the best runs for the best stuff. I just want to play at my own pace and have fun.

Thanks for the reply! This game is really great.

Oh and I think gold will always be useful when there is a gambling mechanic. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Exalted items somehow make an appearance there at some point. Then gold would be very useful for crafting Legendary potential items from them.

When I first started playing (1500h ago) I had the same view on picking up items to sell - like most arpg games thats how it usually worked, but I rapidly realised that was very inefficient vs picking up normal gold drops. Eventually after doing the “back to town” trips, I started ignoring whites, then magics then eventually even rares for the purposes of making money…

The only things I pick up to sell right now are Arena keys… I hate arena but the keys sell for a lot.

I am a hoarder and have 100+ stash tabs of items, but they are all based on their usability as gear for builds…

Gold drops, especially in the Monoliths (after campaigns) drop easily 100-200g each time so selling gets even less useful.

Gambling used to be MUCH more useful before the recent nerf (no uniques & low FP on all gambled items) so getting gold for that is no longer worth it.

Who knows where the devs will take Gold but right now imho, picking up drops for selling to make gold rapidly loses its viability, especially as you get into mid/higher levels.


Pretty much this. Was about to reply something similar but you got there sooner with more detail.

I totally confirm: no item is worth the time it takes to pick it. :wink:

Haha, coming from other games I also used to pick things up to sell.

It’s pointless. The only items I sell are arena keys & uniques. Everything else is worth almost nothing. In no time at all you’ll have millions of spare gold anyway with nothing to spend it on. It’s pretty meaningless.

So, honestly, assigning gold values in the filter is quite pointless. The vast majority of your gold will come from gold drops themselves, or selling keys or crappy uniques. I can 100% verify this, as I never sell anything other than said items now and my gold balance still increases constantly at a high rate, despite buying tabs all the time.

Every new player is told to stop picking up items. 200 gold is nothing. 500 gold is nothing. The time spent selling items you could be running an echo that drops thousands of gold. Nobody sells items, it’s a waste of effort.

I sometimes wonder if there is a valid gameplay reason for gold to exist in the game at all.

Honestly… probably not…

  • respec’ing passives doesnt really need much gold so eventually it becomes a non issue.

  • buying stash tabs is effectively just a “fake sink” - there isnt really a reason to pay for stash tabs at the end of the day - you could just get a stash tab for every character level to whatever max the devs want.

  • gambling no longer has any real value with the change in low FP for all gambled items.

  • vendoring items from the shop isnt really worth it - in-game drops are 99% better most of the time and you dont really need to buy Shatter runes either…

Other than the traditional aspect of picking up shiny sparkly gold dropping on the floor, LE doesnt really even need it… The devs could probably remove gold entirely from the game without any major repercussion.

Only reason for gold could be Trading - but even then you could replace gold with runes/glyphs etc if you really wanted to.

Gold has no intrinsic value in the game, and it doesn’t really have scarcity value either. Given that, I’m not sure it’s actually going to work as a trading currency.

Nooooooo, you cannot remove Gold entirely.

I need My Precious…


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