Add better bazaar filters for affixes

Maybe it was ok during the tests, but now the market is flooded with items, and searching for good rolls takes too much time. Browsing through irrelevant items is not fun and it drags players from the actual gameplay - killing monsters.

Some examples:
1 LP death rattle - 32 pages.
1 LP Last steps of the living - 92 pages.
Double life idols - 350 pages.

Sure I can use the price filter. But then I won’t see good enough underpriced items.

Another problem is searching for rare and exalted items. There is no way currently to search for a specific T7 + life + something else, I can only choose the mods I want without the tier and set the type to exalted, then hope to find the T7 mod I need. Or I can set just the T7 mod, and again read through many pages until I find second good affix.

I enjoy the MG, but it takes so much time, that I just started hoarding items without selling them. Yesterday I sold all my boots, it took me half an hour. Irritated, I left the game afterwards, because it would took a minute with a better UI. I still sometimes press Ctrl + Alt + D in LE, and instantly become very sad.

Does anyone know, if someone made a bot to gather the item listings data to an external DB with a better search? I couldn’t find one myself. I would rather bear with the Alt Tab, than continue using the in-game UI, because that would literally save me hours.