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ADD alternate debilitating effects for shock, ignite, poison, bleed

F it good luck

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I’m not sure that it’s reasonable that every ailment be closely aligned with every damage type. Most of your examples would be pointless since mobs don’t generally have regen or healing.

It is a bit thematically discordant that “off elements” can shock, chill, ignite, etc. But it does also allow you greater flexibility, not having to have some cold damage to chill for example.

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Shock does have another effect though. It increases chance to be stunned. (unless it has recently been removed from the game)

On the topic of non-damaging ailments, I don’t really know what the fire non-damaging ailment is if there is one.

Just to be interesting, I think each damage type should have both a damaging and a non-damaging ailment.

There isn’t one:

But yes, it would be interesting to have a non-damaging ailment aligned to each damage type in addition to a damaging ailment.

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YEP!! It’s confusing to have shock apply and SEE it and there’s literally NO benefit to player

How about a shackle (less attacks/spells per second) ailment? Is it good for any damage type as a new ailment?
EDIT: Also a disarm (no attacks) and a silence (no spells)?

you could always just not spec shock if it doesn’t help your build. Seems silly to have shock for no reason. If you aren’t dealing decent lightning damage or are a stun build, why do you have shock? Get rid of it for something else.

It’s like complaining that your weapon has some spell damage on it when you are not a caster and then demanding that it should somehow work for every build.

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That would be Chill & Time Rot.

If you don’t use stun with shock you are losing half the benefit.
Edit: I think the game expects players to know/work this out/follow a guide to learn this.

Or read what the ailment does and try and use it like that.


No need to get snotty I’m done making suggestions good luck with your game