Add a node that automatically casts Dread Shade on summoning a Wraith

Caveat here: I am extremely new to Necromancer and this is just what I think would be nice.

I’ve been trying out both the ephemeral and permanent Wraiths, and for both of them keeping Dread Shade maintained is a chore - whenever one dies I basically always immediately recast Dread Shade, as the one with it is probably the one that just died. For the ephemeral wraiths and with the draining Dread Shade this obviously happens all the time, but even the permanent wraiths and non-draining Dread Shade it happens often during a hectic boss fight, which is when I’m most prone to losing track of Dread Shade. If I could autocast it on Wraith summon, it’d take a huge load off my brain.

Thanks for reading!

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