Acolyte's Bone Prison has a vastely too long cooldown

Acolyte-> Mark of Deat -> Bone Prison.

Interesting spell, but 20 secondes cooldown is huge.
By comparaison, transplant cooldown (the acolyte teleport spell) it’s 4 secondes.

I wanted to replace a golems with this spell, and try to crow control the ennemis manual with bones prison, but the time is vastly too important.

It’s not meant to be a spammable node. It provides very strong CC and defensive bonuses so it should not be spammed.

There are other ways of crowd control in the game like Fear, Chill, and Slow. You should combine those and juggle the cooldown.

Yes, but after that, all the debuff benefits of this skill are lost, because 20 seconds of cooldown makes it usable only once per normal duration combat.

Is it worth it to sacrifice a skill entirely for that?

Do players use it in their builds? I doubt.

The only use I found was casting it in the middle of the arena and trapping yourself inside it and letting minions kill the outside mobs. but I stopped using it after 1 Arena run, not really useful for Monoliths

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