Acolyte vs Druid feels old

I’ve been playing a lot of Swarmblade Druid with Locusts and decided to give Lich a try… and already noticing a few things that make it feel oldish compared…

Character Selection: The Druid looks huge compared to the size of the Acolyte… not sure if it’s intended but my Druid and Beastmaster look massive against the Acolyte and the Rogue…

Buffs from Skills not showing: On Druid you got indicators for Boar Stance, for the Swarm around you. Would be nice to have something similar when you get the armor boost from Transplant or when you use Death Seal. A small indicator/timer running down when the boosts/skills are active and how long they have until they expire.
When playing Druid there’s a lot of things on the screen. Lich not many…

Reap and Transplant not having a node in common to link them? How come the Wherebear can link Fury Leap and Warcry for example but Lich cannot access the one mobility skill that would work quite nicely if Reap uses the Transplant tree…

Anyway… I will keep on playing, this is just at lvl 51 with like 8hours into the class…

But since the visuals across the board are being updated maybe the mechanics could be too to make the classes feel similar

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Skill synergies is something that is newer to the game. Transformations are some of if not the newest rework to showcase that. Acoylte and mage are some of the oldest, although both have some mewer skills that showcase it as well

Those synergies will.come when reworks happem and i assume thw new masteries will bring lots to the table when they also come. Its a waiting game.

Also i believe reap and transplant share 1 node. In reaper form you can make them not share cd!!


I am in the same situation and would like to add some points:

  • lich visuals and visuals generally have improved greatly
  • bone curse is not very intuitive and you need to invest into a lot of research to understand what is happening
  • 90% of lich builds use death seal. I think it’s ok if 90% use a particular movement skill or holy aura for paladin builds, because it’s passive. But death seal influences heavily how you play. If then 80% of builds use death seal and reaper, it makes the whole mastery feel one dimensional. Maybe more lich experienced players can chime in here. This was my first impression.

This is exactly why I dont enjoy lich myself.

At the end of the day, your character is “pick the flavor of damage delivery you enjoy and slap on these two extremely overbusted steriods on!”

If you dont use reaper form or deathseal you basically cant play lich. Hunger souls lich, rip blood lich, marrow shards lich? they are all the same spam projectile or auto aim ability onto enemies that does massive damage because of your two micromanagement steroid skills.

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I tried making Harvest lich with Death’s embrace in 0.9 (with Aura of decay, bone curse, transplant, reaper) and 2 gearing setups potion spam with zerricks(needs full health for the crit multi on boots)/generic high int. Damage was lackluster for both, I look up other Harvest builds and all 300 corruption builds are using Death seal to deal their true damage. Its sad this one skill is compulsory if you wanna deal decent damage and always the same boring mandatory setup nodes (33% health, duration, no health drain, haste). Other nodes like Skeletal Sheath are broken and no-one cares.

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i kinda feel the same, reaper builds are mostly identical and kinda one dimensional…

Mages are worse. Feels like 99% of all Mage builds use Teleport, Flame Ward and Focus.

That said, I only have one Lich Alt and that feels enough, whereas I have multiple Necromancers, Shaman and Druids because you can find builds in those classes that are incredibly different from each other.

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