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Acolyte Skills All 3 Masteries

Just had a few skill ideas I wanted to share for the Acolyte class across the 3 masteries as I come up with them.

Necromancer -

Summon Bone Spider - (this could be either as a stand alone skill or an augment of the current summon skeletons) I pictured it in my head as having a skull for its body and various bones interlocked to form the legs.

Skill specializations for this could add different attacks eg acid breath, bone shots etc and/ or different types of bone spider for example Bone Matriarch that is much bigger and spawns small baby bone spiders that are temporary or Parasite Bone Spiders, small burrowing bone spiders that enter an enemies flesh and explode from the inside etc etc - {added 3/28/19}

Lich -

Summon Zombie - Pretty basic summon here but I figured some cool things could be done in the specializations.

Perhaps something like - On death your zombie explodes dealing damage to enemies in an area around it, or when it dies some of the pieces remain to fight for x seconds (maybe a hand or head via its teeth could latch onto an enemy doing DoT damage) or you could have some other creature spawn out of its body when it dies etc. {added 3/28/19}

Warlock -

Summon Familiar - Could start off as something basic like an imp and then be modified via the skill specializations.

For the warlock I picture it as having less minions but more ways to augment those minions. For the specialization maybe some of them could change the type of being you summon to different kinds of demons, and others could give them powers/ equipment.

So if the type it changes into (or if it doesn’t change and just stays as the basic familiar) is melee maybe you could give it a flaming bone sword that shatters on hit and makes enemies take fire damage over time, or a giant hammer that causes fissures in the ground when your demon attacks and those fissures could have tendrils of dark magic come out that attacks nearby enemies etc.

For ranged you could do any number of things I imagine. Maybe an intestinal whip that when your familiar attacks with it it will chain to multiple enemies and link them together causing damage taken by one to be taken by all (though at a lesser value probably for balance).

  • {added 3/28/19}

Will update this as I think of more

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