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Acolyte - possible Ward gained way too much?


i Play Necro with “Harvest”.
The Nodes “Mirror Soul”, “Ghost Conduit” and “Slwo Decay” allowos to gain big amounts of ward.
Here a pic how i skilled it:

Sometimes i have had 1000 ward and more, here for example 990:

So does this work like intended?
Imo the node “Ghost Conduit” is too much, thats close to immortal…

i think you may have said the wrong node name here. ghost conduit doesn’t provide any ward to the player, it just also grants harvest’s ward to your minions. unless your complaint is that it gives minions too much durability

990 ward isn’t much. Some items had to get nerfed, because people were easily gaining tens of thousands of ward. Someone just posted a build video where they’re sitting comfortable with 3k ward consistently with Exsanguinous :slight_smile:

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Ya, sry, i meant “Mirror Soul”

Ok, if this is the way how we survive… i just wondered because havent seen that before and in Alpha i played completly without ward.

Question is if this is the best way. I m playing SC so dont really care about dieing sometimes.
But 600 or 800 HP isnt that much without ward. After a loading screen in Arena the ward is gone and the char is faster dead then u can blink…

I personally would prefer to have more HP and Resis than gaining thousands of ward.

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That’s why we have movement skills though, Teleport is fantastic, and can generate tons of ward :smiley:

Ive seen insane amounts of ward, 10k isnt even that hard to build. Its beta, just have fun with it before its nerfed into the ground :stuck_out_tongue:

summoners do it better lul
this is before act 1 boss, at lvl 24, need dat retention.

I’ve found there are times when I feel like my Lich is invincible because of her Ward generation, then one zone later I’m getting obliterated due to lack of resistances. That said I’m not specced too hard into Ward retention or generation just yet, but I’m working towards it. I’ll probably post here again once I’ve level up some more. Currently I’m like 35ish.

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