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Acolyte Class Discord

Me and a few other Acolyte mains in the community have decided to start an Acolyte Discord where we can share builds, discuss the class and it’s masteries as well as theorycraft together.

Everyone who is interested is invited, just bare with me while I put the last few touches on it and get it all sorted. You’ll need to request roles under the proper channel and they will be given out manually for now until I can get a bot set up to do it for us.

If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to DM me directly on there, thanks and I look forward to seeing some of you!


Be sure when joining the server to read our “Read First” channel where you’ll get directions on how to request the server roles you’d like. Otherwise you will see nothing but those few channels.

The roles exist so no one has to see a bunch of channels they may not be interested in and they are handed out manually because I can’t be bothered to deal with Discord bots right now.