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Acid Flask One Shot Bug

Playing as Lich.
Somehow using combination of skills/items, everytime an Skeleton Assassin uses acid flask, it one shots everything.
I’ll post screenshot of the damage it pops out and whatever new info is needed.

Game Logs refreshed. After closing and opening the game, still bugged. (Player.log (32.0 KB)

Post with all images with dmg number and skills/passives:

lol somehow you accomplished an overflow.

Might help to share your gear as well, if you can.

Yip… Thats (-2147483647) the minimum allowable value for an INT or LONG variable in C, C++ ( At least for Microsoft C and C++ Integer Limits)

You done and broke it… :wink:

As @BroncoCollider mentions, probably be good to provide your gear too as its likely going to be hard for the devs to figure out what you did. Would probably also be good if you could sequence the skills that you use to get the Skelly to this state…

I’ll log on my PC later and provide the items info, but as i overlooked them, there was nothing with poison or too much minion interaction. (Legendaries and stuff, nothing).

As for the skills i mainly keep minions up until an assassin shows, then i use the “running corpse” guy as “spam” when needed. Nothing too set up, but as I tested, I logged off, back online, just summonned assassin and it one shot things with Acid Flask (It is easy to detect because of the skill sound)

Thanks for the report. In addition to this extra info, it might also help if you were to upload your character’s file as well so we can test the exact case on our end.

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Hey! Sure thing.

Just logged now and updated the imgur with item images (, but It really began when I got the rogue skill node + cd recovery one + corpse explosion summoning guys when explode node.

Sorry for not recalling the names, I just played 10h so far haha.

Here is the character file I guess: (7.4 KB)

Anything else let me know.

I’ll play with another character just in case this one can be useful