Acid Flask Item

I haven’t played much with Rogue for a good long while now because of all the iffy stuff with missiles/ranged stuff, which is kinda the bread and butter for Marksman.

But I’ve been tooling around for a couple of days now with it and I was thinking of doing something with Acid Flask. I could swear that there was an item (I thought it was a Relic) that converted Acid Flask to Fire (not talking about the passive in the skill) but for the life of me I cannot find it anywhere. Did I just dream this up?

If it is a dream…consider this a push to get it. :crazy_face:

No you are confusing that with the Decoy Relic that converts Decoy into a much lower cooldown almsot spammable Fire dmg skill.

Kelthan Blasting is the name.

Acid Flask itself has a Fire Conversion build in. There are a couple of uniques for Acid Flask, but nothing with Fire.
Maybe you are confusing this with the ability to convert Acid Flask into a Bee Spawning skill with the Hive Mind?


I knew about the Decoy relic. So that wasn’t it. It’s more than likely I’m just combining things in my head. At least I can stop trying to remember it now that it’s confirmed to NOT exist. :joy::rofl:

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Well there is Elecoe’s Abandon Body Armour for Acid Flask :slight_smile: