Achievements Recommendations

Just several suggestions regards to achievements and mechanics closely tied to them. Here I go:

  1. Death counter. Maybe it is a good point to make a counter showing number of death character had. Games like Nioh have it and Grim Dawn also have it;

  2. Have achievements which will be really satisfying for hardcore players. First of all, ones that will be given for beating the game without dying at all. Different achievement for different levels of difficulty;

  3. Make achievements challenging so that you definitely knew that you got it and when you got it and why. Let it be less achievements but they will be more challenging.

Thanks for understanding!

That data is already stored in the character file so that would be easy.

I’m curious what you consider “finishing the game” though. The campaign? Normal monos? Empowered? How much corruption?

By finishing the game I meant main plotline. When you killed the final boss and saw final cutscene. It’s like in Diablo where you actually killed him and took his crystal right in your forehead.
What I’ve remembered. You can see what kind of achievements Wolcen have and they have some achievements like that. Never played Wolcen though because how can I trust the guys who require me to have their game to ask question on their official forum :roll_eyes: I don’t try to tell that Wolcen is bad. I have no idea. But I saw their achievements and they looked pretty good and I loved that they have several achievements for ending of their game without dying.
Also death counter is good to estimate yourself as either good, mediocre or bad player. Maybe you should make some bonuses in the game for dying less besides of achievements (increase rates of something interesting to happen or something like this)?

That’s fine, but your character will usually be the 50s by the time you kill the (current) final boss in the campaign, then you’ve got another 40-50 character levels until your character is maxxed out. Plus the devs have an additional 3 chapters planned for release at some point.

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You definitely have the point Llama. Then maybe make separate achievement for finishing each episode fulfilling some conditions (like not dying)?

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