Account-wide Monolith progression

I am at lev 90 Monoliths and wanted to start a new char, until i found out i would have to unlock all the monoliths again. I thought the blessings i unlock in the areas, will help my new char to level. Now i dont know why i need buffs for low monoliths, when it is not account wide.

Also, how will multiplayer work, if the monilith progression is bound to a charater?

For me doing all monoliths again with every char, feels bad and stops me from playing another char.

Is there a plan to have an account-wide progression of the monoliths?


Your buffs will help you redo low timelines easier. You want to redo them in order to get better blessings oro better rolls on your blessings.
Now, imagine a new character who has just finished the campaign. What is the point for them to have timeline 90 unlocked? They will be totally unable to complete them.
At the beginning I thought exactly like you. But in fact, there is no real advantage to have all timelines unlock, I still will have to complete all of them.
For a shared blessing, it’s another debate. I’d like to have something shared account-wide, but not a whole blessing. And at the same time, I’m not sure I want new heroes to benefit a huge advantage. They already have a full stash (when not playing solo mode), it’s good enough.

About multiplayer, there again it’s another topic. EHG are aware of it, Mike already said so during his stream. So they will find something to balance it.

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Thx for your answere.

For me it has a bad taste that the progress i made with my first char, is worthless for my second char. (except the shared stash)

With my second char i just want freedom to do what i want. Atm i am forced to do everything i did already again. Doing lev 90 monoliths with a lev 55 char should be my decision, with the second char. If it is account wide, you still can do excatly the same as you did with your first char, if you want.

I dont see a downside on account wide monothils. Except the idea is you have to spend more time on every char without a choice.

Now, imagine a new character who has just finished the campaign. What is the point for them to have timeline 90 unlocked? They will be totally unable to complete them.

Dont know about you, but if i start a new build after i found a nice exalted weapon, i will completly faceroll all the normal monoliths. Extremly grindy and boring gameplay until i reach empowered versions of them… especially now with how they nearly doubled the length of normal monolith gameplay.

From a gameplay/difficulty aspect i see no reason to not have them unlock accountwide. If for some reason you cant do the higher ones… just dont?


You’re a better player than I am, I suppose.

Blockquote Dont know about you, but if i start a new build after i found a nice exalted weapon, i will completly faceroll all the normal monoliths. Extremly grindy and boring gameplay until i reach empowered versions of them… especially now with how they nearly doubled the length of normal monolith gameplay

Honestly there are two advantages that i see. Firstly, your second character is a lot better geared and can jump straight into 65lvl or higher. Secondly, there is a counter on how many monolith paths you’ve unlocked. On 55th lvl monolith alone there are two paths and for completionalist like me, i get annoyed to grind just to have that number fully stacked up.

So much this! Why am I supposed to faceroll 30 hours of easy progression just to be able to hunt for greater blessings and corruption and get an actual challenge EVERY TIME I reroll a new build?

With the first character, it is exciting an new and hard, because you have no resources. With the second character, you can already craft anything you want and just stomp all the content until level 100 monoliths. Please, this has to change for the health of the game. Make monolith progression cross-character.

I’m kinda in two minds on this. On the one hand, It’d be really nice to be able to just jump into empowered monoliths if I thought my character could cope with it (and likely that’d be after running through either arena or some normal arenas to level up a bit) rather than having to go through the 7 preceding monoliths. I wouldn’t expect to be able to get the normal blessings for free, just have the monoliths unlocked after the first character had done them (split by SC/HC/Solo/etc).

But on the other hand, I very much doubt that the devs would really be open to allowing us to just skip fairly sizeable portions of the game.

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I totally support this idea

Right now this is biggest issue for me when making new character

Other ARPGs also have their endgame progression shared. You can still do the 55 timeline, even if you have 90 unlocked.

I would even go a step further: there should be a way to start immediatly with the monolyth for new chars. Level 1 Timeline of course. For the missing quest rewards: A new item can be bought after reaching i.e. the second timeline with the main char and handed down to the new one.

Like this new chars can be played in a challenging environment without going through the story again “brain afk”.

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I get the idea that they want to extend your play time by having all your characters progress through this, but honestly, it’s just so off-putting. I’d rather play a different game than regrind the end game every time I want to play a new build–it’s bad enough I have to grind the campaign for it. Let me decide what content I want to engage. I like going into zones 20-30 levels above me to limit test. Can’t do anything like that in current system.

Repeating progression feels worse as more content is added. PoE takes this to a logical extreme. Every league start (3 months) people redo the 10 acts, 6 randomly spawning trials to unlock labs (mastery points), regular/metacraft crafting recipes, random syndicate recipe unveils, atlas completion for map sustain (think “mono keys”), atlas passives and map juice for decent drops, multiple league mechanic (endgame modes) progression, currency farm, etc.

Not just with any old homebrew, but an efficient, low-budget “league starter” build. Not just the softcore traders and competitive racers, but slow/SSF players too. As new content is added, old droprates are rebalanced and rewards are pushed back to avoid power creep and maintain “difficulty”. LE has far less content, and that’s a good thing for the wrong reason with current monolith. A PoE atlas for every character would not be sustainable.

I’m not necessarily against this idea when more and more content gets added. Not the other end game systems that we are waiting for but when cycles are going full swing.

My greater concern for a lot of these shortcuts that are being discussed here in the forums and in the dev streams, is the game would delve into a spot where Diablo 3 is, where every season (cycle) is just a weekend long for us experienced with the game, and potentially only 2 weeks for those who aren’t. Cutting out the campaign, sharing monoliths, vacuuming affix shards, etc, all these “QoLs” shorten the experience and are a step away from what hack’n slash isometric ARPGs have been about since day one. Cookie clickers with slot machines, and for a game that is going to survive on MTX sales to keep the lights on, the game play experience has to be longer than a week per content update.

Like I said, not opposed to the flip down the road when we have lot more content and things to do. But for 1.0? Not so sure it’s the right move.

  • Lack of auto-collection doesn’t “add” anything useful.
  • This is why I want to see the campaign world either reworked to be the game or add some post-campaign use for its zones.
  • I already hate doing Atlas in PoE when it is shared. I don’t see a point in repeating it for every single build. I’d rather play PoE or D3 at that point. Forcing extra grind doesn’t mean players will actually do the extra grind.

If I’m going to burn out eventually either way, I’d rather it be after I’ve played my heart out by trying all the builds I wanted to instead of instantly groaning at the prospect of regrinding all that stuff the second I consider another alt. The former is a prospect of potentially thousands of hours of play time; the latter is at best a hundred or two, with long breaks in between.


Actually it does, given when you play D3 and GD you by part and large have no idea what you’ve accumulated over your play time, which is fine in a game with no economy and no or little trading. Could be PoE where you’re clicking 1x Perandus Coins over and over. Items need to have weight especially with a deterministic crafting system that we have here.

I agree and we may get that with the other systems that are still left to be finished. Seems this might be the case with the campaign map/quest list overhaul we just got with 8.2.

I’m missing your meaning here, you hate doing the atlas but you would rather play PoE instead? I’m assuming you mean GD. And the grind? Yea it seems in today’s ARPG environment people would rather watch streamers rip in HC after a week of league anyways.

Ok, but ask yourself one question. Is what you want good for a game that’s success is based on the games as a service model?

I have extensively explained why this system doesn’t add weight to the loot in other threads. It really is meme worthy that people still repeat it.

I am saying that I would rather play PoE’s gross Atlas than repeat the Echoes map on each new character.

I just said I could see myself playing for thousands of hours with one model, while the current one reduces that to a tiny fraction. What do you think that live service model would rather see from its players?

One other thing worth mention.

When you realize that the campaign offers nothing on replayability, the Echoes induce unnecessary grind by not being account wide, that the crafting system’s RNG makes it feel really bad to engage with, and that the respec system discourages people from using it…

What you’re left with is a game that looks good at face value, but doesn’t actually have much depth to offer. The lack of reasonable QoL features really highlights those limitations as band-aids to cover up this fact. I’m not mad at an Early Access game for having these deficiencies, but it’s better to rip the band-aid off now and build the game properly than to pretend the game will survive in the long-term through such artificial means. F*** the “When is Multiplayer?” nonsense–this game needs a lot more to sink our teeth into before that should even be on the table.

I think the devs are doing their best, but I think this community is doing them a wild disservice by not providing these truths in their feedback–in fact, plenty of people in the community try to silence/discredit the people who say it. It will be the game that suffers for it in the long-run, and we’ll be with one more game that “had potential, but didn’t go anywhere” as a result unless this attitude changes.

Not entirely disagreeing, but I also feel if the extra content you get is mindlessly repetitive, easy, and/or unfun (subjective, I know), I don’t think it adds much as a gaming experience. It just feels like padding.

As for your comment about it not necessarily being the right move to add a shortcut before 1.0, I feel like the fact that the devs have already pushed out the revamped MoF system means you’ll get players going through it now who’ll already be pretty burnt out by the time 1.0 comes around.

I think the new MoF is fine, but having each character with their own progress is not. It strongly comes across as padding rather than content.

Thats THE game though. I enjoy league reset every 3 months and starting with nothing

if you dont like this progression you shouldnt play aRPG’s and the people who are advocating to remove 70-80% should play other games, theres plenty of other games where everything is handed to you right away and you get to play for 5 hours then complain you are bored as its all done

I cannot understand the people who whinge and complain about ‘having to redo the Atlas in PoE’ you mean having to play the game? its still just maps, if they didnt want a league reset every 3 months then they should play standard where they dont have to do that

im going to be extremely blunt and repeat if you dont want to grind in a grinding game then just play something else, no one will care as to be honest people who like aRPGs enjoy grinding thats the entire damn point of them

You can do that sure, if you deserve it, obviously if you dont have currency/character to do this you didnt earn it. no other way to explain it to you

Prior to this patch releasing I played SSF on PoE from a Sunday evening to Sunday the next week, which was 3 hours on Sunday night, 4 hours per weekday and about 12 hours on the weekend. was able to kill Sirus 6 and got to level 94 and rage quit after not getting a 6L and realising new LE patch was coming out.

So 35 hours to beat most of the content in the game including the final boss twice and high enough to get on the ladder without even trying…in 1 week and these games need to be EASIER?

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