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Account placed on hold


I just got a message that my account was placed on hold and my post has to be reviewed by a staff member. Is this a commonplace procedure for new accounts or did I accidentally violate a board rule? if so, I would appreciate pointing it out to me so I can avoid doing so in the future.

Kind regards,

Hi there,

I apologize for having initially missed this forum thread! My understanding is that this had been removed after just a few minutes of having been placed on your account.

The forum uses Akismet anti-spam filtering on the newest of users, and this message will appear in response to a forum post not being approved by this filter. It generates a report sent to our moderators, and as soon as your post is approved the restriction is removed. This almost never affects someone twice - in large part due to how quickly an account’s forum posts will stop being subjected to the filtering. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. :slight_smile:

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Okay that makes sense, thank you!

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