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Account not saving


I just purchased beta access yesterday, I play on Linux primarily, I made my first character, took him to level 3, then logged for a bit of time. Came back and played him to about level 10 or so, and I think I hit a crash at that point. When I logged back in, he was back at level 3. I thought “oh well” and figured it was something related to the crash. I went on to level him again to level 10, this time making sure I logged out through the client. Again when I logged in again he was back at level 3. At that point I made a new character leveled him to 10+ and logged out. When I logged back in the character wasn’t there at all only my level 3 mage. Lastly I deleted the level 3 mage, and creating another character getting them to level 10+, logged out for an hour or so and when I came back the mage was back at level 3.

I need some help here, I’d love to see more content but the game really isn’t letting me.

Hi there,

Sorry to hear about this!

Can I please ask which distro you’re playing on, and whether you know of any reason the game would be unable to access ~/.config/unity3d/Eleventh Hour Games/Last Epoch/prefs?

I’m on Manjaro Deepin Edition, I will check permissions to that path.

Also having the same /similar issue.
If i make a character and level it and then log out i lose my progress. Also the character(s) i create in Linux (Arch) do not show up in my game when i reboot into windows… I have full permissions on the ~/.config directory and sub dirs.

You have to press esc, then leave game then exit. That will save your character.

Characters are saved in different places depending on the OS, so this is expected unfortunately.

If you can provide any log files of saving errors that would be helpful.

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