Account bound monolith/corruption progression

This is a big issue that should be addressed,
What is the point of having alternate leveling paths for alts when in the end you still have to grind almost all the normal monoliths and after unlocking empowered grind them all again to get blessings, and all the corruption push from previous character also wiped clean.
Adressing the argument of corruption being to high for new character - that should be players decision to sacrifice corruption in one timeline to level up and then go to one you already achieved. Grinding all over again - no thanks.
This leads to 1 character per Cycle, instead of trying and experimenting with new characters and builds - main appeal of ARPG for a lot of players
Suggestion about blessings - make it into blessing “pokedex”, so player could chose from ones that is unlocked on all of the characters, so again don’t have to grind all over again, when i got an upgrade and now i don’t need lets say some of the resistance blessing.

In conclusion: there is a lot of things to grind already (LP, good rolled T7 bases, good rolled idols, corruption, etc), don’t make it mandatory with general player progression.

At least normal monoliths should be skippable right away for alts. Even tho they are fast, it is dumb to do them again and again. Agree, some corruption sharing would be nice, similar to corruption sharing among timelines…

Or can be done other way around - after you complete 3 of 90 lvl islands to go into the middle and unlock empowered, this is the point when progression merge would make sense.
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As a player who never ever plays seasons or cycles in any ARPG, I am clueless on cycle play and the motivation behind choosing it. All that effort building a char who will become irrelevant in 3 months is just alien to me. So take anything I say with the appropriate pinch of salt…

But isn’t the cycle model usually a single character per cycle, taken to the max, affair? I would have thought if you wanted several concurrent Alts, you play legacy, not cycle?

That said, as far as the main suggestion goes, I am 100% against account-wide corruption in Monos. We have little enough endgame right now. Don’t take what little we have away.

This I agree with. I also raised a suggestion that stability requirement for the quests in standard Monos should be greatly reduced so players can spend a LOT less time in them if they can already handle empowered easily (i.e. Alts).

I think you misunderstood the point, i meant if I have reached some corruption level in one of the monolith it should stay there like that (not be global for all of the mono - that is not what i’m saying), I agree with the system of each mono having its own corruption score.
Adding to this - you can setup sort of Corruption ladder for your alts with each mono having its own corruption point, not all have 100 again for each character

I didn’t. At least I don’t think I did.

I want all my Alts to start Empowered at 100c on every Mono, not at the max I have taken that Mono to with another char (that would 1000+ for many, my Alts would be destroyed).

Also you are aware there is a catch-up mechanic, right? So any character reaching Empowered can focus on a single Mono and push corruption in just that one. Now when you switch to other Monos with that same char, you earn bonus corruption so you can push it much faster than the first Mono.

If all your mono is 1000+, yes this would be a problem, that why I agree with the system that have different corruption for each timeline, but alts tends to reach power much faster and you start to destroy 100s like its nothing and catching up for alts doesn’t works cause all your mono is 100th at this point, so there are nothing to catch up to, and this is the problem in my book.
Both ways have downsides, I also agree with that. But imho the suggested way is healthier for your wrists and the game :slight_smile:

Now, if I was able to CHOOSE the starting corruption per Mono for each Alt, and the number I could choose was between 100 and the highest I’d ever pushed that Mono, then yes, this idea is a winner.

You kinda can already, lets say all your mono is in 500+, and the suggested idea is implemented.
So on your main you chose the way to level your alt - so you pick 2 to 3 timelines that you don’t realy care about, and lower their corruption by running the corruption lowering node one or few times to build yourself a corruption ladder, and vuala

Well, I have never once used that node so I know nothing about it, but surely successfully completing it to lower corruption would be difficult or even impossible, if the corruption was starting well outside your capabilities?

I’m guessing that node is for when you borderline pushed corruption too high, not for when it is many hundreds too high.

Thats why i said you do it on your main character :wink:
and from info available i found:
Completing the Sanctuary of Eterra node allows you to reduce your timeline’s Corruption. you can actually choose how much Corruption to remove. The Echo gives you three options:

  • Small Reduction: Removes up to -10 Corruption.
  • Moderate Reduction: Removes roughly 20-30% Corruption.
  • Monolith Reset: Resets your Corruption to base value.

And the fact that you never used it, laso proves my point, and in the described case it would have usage

But then I’d nerf my corruption progress in that Mono for my other chars who can easily handle 1000? I have 20 active Alts of varying power. I need corruption to be different (and personalised) for each of them.

Well, yes, that why i also stated that you pick timeline that you don’t realy care about, and also then catch up mechanic would actually kick in.

As i said before both ways have downsides, it works for 2-3 alts, which is most of playerbase, if you have 20, and you active on all of them, youre crazy - JK

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I play legacy. We’re like that. Took thousands of hours.

No such thing.

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In the described case corruption catch up would work perfectly, if you catch up a bit too much you can run Sanctuary of Eterra and adjust it again, but don’t have to grind 32 corruption at a time when you just start empowered

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