Accidental TP at first mono quest echo> reset whole echo?

SUCKS. Lost ~900 stab instantly, please fix this BUG, thanks

You should loose some stability if you “fail” a quest echo, but I don’t think it should be all of it.

Right, it was in Winter 100, after first quest almost complete, TP > RESET, that’s a bug for sure

Can you explain what happened exactly? You were on the final quest in Age of Winter and you teleported early and it reset all your stability?

Yep I just finished didn’t talk to the NPC I think to complete and did a fat finger TP to town went back to the mono and it’s totally reset

Did the blessing pop up?

No you misunderstand it’s the first of three in the storyline - the first of three, didn’t turn in, tp > reset whole echo 900 stab gone

Interesting. I’ll look into it.


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