Hi, I just bought the game and I was a little surprised to see that there is almost nothing available in terms of UI settings related to accessibility. This is one area of game development that always seems to be implemented late (or never), so I wanted to start a thread for accessibility topics.

The first two accessibility suggestions I would have would be:

  1. adjustable font size; this is useful for pretty much anyone

  2. UI inversion (ie: everything on the right is drawn on the left and everything on the left is drawn on the right); this is useful for people who have better eyesight on the left/right

  3. color blind modes

These are the three big ones that jump out at me. Perhaps other people will have other suggestions.

I feel like accessibility is one way that Last Epoch could stand out from its peers. Neither Diablo nor POE do a good (or, really, even a bad) job at accessibility. There is an opportunity here.

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