Accessibility review and UI/Font option requests for down the line

If the 5 second review is too long, here’s the 1 second review: UI and targeting need a little help but at the end of the day, I had fun with mage. Me. The big unga bunga guy. That says a lot.

I would appreciate some dev input if they have the time and I am MORE than happy to give input in kind. Could an INI edit be added at the very least so we can use our own fonts? Maybe an alternate Arial Bold-type easier-to-read font? UI scaling? ANYTHING? That aside, I did have a lot of fun with Last Epoch and it’s certainly not as inaccessible as I was afraid it would be.

But that UI… Y’all need some options for it. BTW, a couple of my friends with CP appreciate the rebindable keys. Palsy’s a nightmare for motor control, as you might guess.