Accessibility options?

I noticed (and i’m probably not the only one) that there is no user defined cursor scaling option or UI scaling. This can be an issue for those who are visually impaired when trying to interact with the game.

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Accessibility issues have come up on the past and the devs have acknowledged that they need to address these. Your points have come up but also issues about colourblindness as well as flashing graphics on hit etc.

Specific to your points:

People having cursor issues have resorted to Yolomouse as a third party solution - it is available via Steam for a small amount and works fine with LE. It works so well, that imho, I dont think anything LE could implement in-game would be able to compete/provide the same benefit.

UI scaling is a more difficult issue - there are already problems with smaller than 1080p resolutions as well as the fact that the game is designed for 16:9 (16:10 works too) aspect ratio - any others, including ultra widescreen modes, have issues with the UI scaling and positioning. Auto scaling of UI & fonts etc will require a lot more work and I do not know that the devs have specifically addressed this in any blog post or official comms yet. They have updated the fonts for the upcoming patch and they have committed to fixing lots of known UI issues (character sheet/tooltips/etc) but scaling may not be high on their priority list vs actually getting the game done (especially Multiplayer).

So, accessibility is on thier to-do-list, I think its just a question of the devs having time to get to it.

I figured I would start with a small issue and go from there. I’m familiar with Yolomouse and I do use it, just not in this game. There is too much lag input based for it to be useful. EG it gets stuck when over the game (while perfectly fine and snappy on the rest of the system.) Hence why I mentioned the ingame options not being present. I work in digital accessibility at work so I am very familiar with the options that you listed.

Thats interesting about Yolomouse, I dont think anyone has done anything other than sing its praises wrt. use in LE. Definitely dont recall anyone complaining about lag caused by it before. Obviously LE is unoptimised and additional apps would require more resources that would affect the game (especially on slower systems) but I dont recall this issue specifically. Perhaps its related to a specific issue like Full Screen Exclusive mode vs window or something like that.

If you are planning on discussing accessibility issues through new posts etc, I would recommend searching the forum for specific issues first to see what has already been brought to the devs attention and if they have specifically said anything about it already.

Its likely to save you some effort - I can assure you that while the devs dont reply to everything, they most definitely take note of feedback & bugs that have been posted on this forum.

BTW - if you wanted other people to participate in any discussions, this particular section of the forum (Customer Service) doesnt get many eyeballs - Feedback or maybe even General is more likely to get people seeing anything you want to discuss.

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