Access Denied

We are sorry but you look suspious you can go no further… WTF im just trying to link my account with steam??

You don’t need to you can launch launcher in offline mode and log in I just done so.

yeah getting same thing and was unable to login to website for a while there now i get unable to check for updates please check your internet connection message on the launcher and when i try log in in game just stays on please wait forever

Same thing here. When I follow Steam’s link to connect accounts, I’m getting a 403 Access Forbidden error, as you can see here.

same error here

Same problem too.

getting this after trying to link my steam account.

Yea. We probably tried to link our accounts too many times and now I thinks we are spammers.

I finally got through but it just goes to the LE website and appears that nothing got linked… Tried to log in again only for it to pop up and say I’m not authorized, again.

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