Abyssal Echoes Void Purifer node


Question about this node. I understand it turns it into fire, and the node before Potent Corruption as well as Vorpal Reverberation should now give +spell fire damage, which together should give 20 + 50 = 70 base spell damage.

I am wearing a scepter that gives +65 spell dmg. Overall, my spell increase is ~400% and my fire is around ~850%, and around 30 attunement to increase the damage (with the Heavenly gift node).

On 100 corruption this spell with this stats deal 300 dmg? I feel like something is not right . Is there something wrong like a bug here or I am missing something?


Doing the 100 corruption monos,

Abyssal Echoes has 135 flat spell damage (sceptre + nodes), Heavenly Gift presumably gives an additional 60 flat damage from your attunement for a total of 195 flat damage. Assuming those % figures are correct (& if they’re from the character screen, they may well not be), you’d be sitting at 1,250% increased damage for a total hit damage of 2,633 (assuming no other % more modifiers from the skill tree). Lvl 100 mobs have something like 90% damage reduction which would reduce it to ~263 ish, which sounds about right.

Well if math is correct, than great.

But don’t you think this is way too low for it? I mean people deal like 1 million damage with some stuff, like earthquake. How do I even reach few thousand then which I feel must be damage you need for a 35 mana spell with a cd.

I don’t think I have any more real sources that I can increase damage.

Also, why I feel it’s something wrong, with those same stats, my Judgement Consecrated Ground shows around ~5000 dps on tooltip, roughly around the same as the tooltip of the Abyssal Echoes, and yet it ticks for 2.5k easily. (yes there is a node for 100% more damage, but still it’s a DOT spell with no real CD)

EDIT: Ah, also one thing. Added spell damage says 305% effectiveness for Abyssal Echoes.

No, that’s for Abyssal Decay, which you disable with the Potent Corruption node.

TBH, no, not really. It’s needed to keep player damage in check (which it isn’t for some skills), but the main issue is you’re comparing a skill with probably very few % more modifiers to skills with lots of more modifiers & likely very good gear (including lots of flat damage).

Abyssal Echoes is likely needing some updates to it’s tree.

Oh, yes, you’re right, its’ for abyssal decay. So, added spell damage is probably 100% now. But anyway, this node is not so good - maybe the healing part is why it lacks in damage.

I play a DoT Fire build with Judgement, and I wanted to use Abyssal to Shred some armor and saw this as opportunity to use to maybe deal some better damage. But being so weak, I will probably go for abyssal decays Crumbling node, and just use this as a debuffer.


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