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Abyssal Echoes Mechanics Question


I’m trying to use abyssal echoes as a clear skill in my build, however some of the passives are worded in a way that’s a little difficult to understand. I have a few questions (assume the node “Potent Corruption” is allocated;

  1. Overlap - If I cast abyssal echoes and hit 2 mobs, both of which have it echo off them, does a 3rd mob that was not in range of the initial cast but in range of both “echoed” abyssal echoes take damage from both of them? Similarly, if I cast abyssal echoes and hit 2 mobs, both of which are in range of each others’ echoes, do they take damage twice?

  2. Corrupting Harness - Do the chains behave in the same way as question 1? If abyssal echoes hits 2 mobs, can the chains chain back between them and repeatedly damage them?

  3. Resounding Abyss - The wording on this is very unclear. Do the echoed casts of Abyssal Echoes (from mobs) do more damage, or does the more damage only apply to the player-generated echoed casts from the void knight class and tree?

Any clarification on the above questions would be much appreciated!

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Bump because several builds rely on knowing these interactions.

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