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Abyssal echoes creeping decay node seems not stacking

very hard to check, just has feeling, looking on numbers

It does seem to stack the damage, if you have recast nodes you can see the damage per tick increase when the recasts hit the training dummy.

i mean situation when you not take final echo node , so i expect overlapping echoes from lets say 10 enemies to build nice abyssal decay ticks. (10 stacks)2
maybe iam wrong its really hard to test.

The abyssal echoes you get from mobs you hit? Yeah, that’d be hard to test.You’d probably need to record a segment where you hit a group of mobs & then advance frame by frame to see how much damage they take per tick compared to how much they take from a single stack of Abyssal Echoes.

I can confirm that this node is working correctly (stacks).

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