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About the ardent creator pack

edit : this message is not relevant
Hi !
I’m really intersted about the ardent creator pack to support this awsome game but also to create a unique item.
So, for those who did it, can you tell me how it works ? (knowing that I have already a clear idea about the design (affixes)).

If you want player feedback on their experience with the creator pack, you should probably tag this thread under “General”, not “customer service”. I think customer service threads don’t usually pop up as new threads for players.

Also, the pack isn’t currently available and there’s no telling if, and when, EHG will enable purchase again.

Anyway, on topic:
You will probably be placed in a queue after you bought the pack. When the devs are ready to work with you on your unique they will probably drop you an email to ask if you would like to start.

I think they allow for the discussion to be over emails but their preference is to set up a discord group to talk to you. You can then let them know what are the key ideas you have for your uniques (affix, theme, etc).

Once the devs feel like they have a clear understanding of the direction you want, they will work out several prototypes to discuss further with you. From there, it’s a matter of talking around specifics of refining the prototype closest to what you have in mind, until both you and the devs agree on a final version that the devs are prepared to put into the game.

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Thank you very much for taking the time to respond.
I didn’t see the “out of stock” even if it’s quite big :joy: