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About low life taken less damage mechanic

class passive :while at low life (below 35%) you take less damage.

does it work with one really big hit? like endurance, (500 hp, 200 endurance thredhold, when hit on you deals 500hp, 300hp will subtract and 200 remaining hp will be count to endurance.)

does it work on Ward?

Life != Ward ;).

If your HP is low you get less dmg and that’s it ^^. Endurance kicks in as soon as the thrshold is reached even if a skill would oneshot you if you have no endurence.

Yes, endurance will protect the 200 remaining hp in your example.

Endurance never protects ward.

That was not OP’s question^^

No, it doesn’t

Yes it does

Thank you Heavy!

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Not sure you’re right about that:

The Berserker node does affect damage applied to ward as long as your hp is below the low life (35% of max) threshold.

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I did test this a loooooooong time ago with I belive the Primalist Passive Mike was talking about and from my limited testing I I thought it would not work (this was before endurance existed)

And since I did not heard anything changing I believed, that it still works this way.

I guess it would be useful to verify this again…
Mike did sounded like “It should work this way, but I am not sure” ^^

I always like to use these passives and so far I think they work as follows:

My character has 900 life.
There is a single enemy hit with 800 damage.
900 life minus 600 remains 300 low life
and with the 300 Low Life there is the corresponding damage reduction.

My character has 90 life and 810 ward.
There is a single enemy hit with 800 damage.
Because of the 90 life everything is Low Life, even the Ward.
so the corresponding damage reduction is applied to the whole life and ward.

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This and @Llama8 are correct.

That is how the low life primalist are so tanky.