About Farming Story for looting

I understand that not all players like to farm story bosses or elite, because the loots and rewards are poor, difficulties and funs are less, an old-style diablo like.
But I also dont really like just farming endgame systems, I am more prefer older styles, enjor the stories, meeting different elites and face to the bosses, getting random useful or useless items, without the chosen of which monolith I go for different roots, if you know what I mean.
I been playing TQ, GD for many years, I m still in the story farming, doing little Arena/crucible and shattered realm, still that kind of old style farming giving me nice roots, and I enjoy it.
I start wondering why I cant do it here, people are all go for the monolith and arena, so I may need that old style playable in LE if I could still get great roots(even a lot less than other endgames), I know it would not be a necessary playing style if the goat is to get more roots in a short time(other endgames).
What do people think? Post your opinions, thanks.

I think one of the endgame system that is yet to be implemented is the repetition of storymode at higher difficulty. Than can be your jam. Could be wrong though.

Oh I like it. I may also think of some secret zone ends up with discovering hidden quests to fight with stronger enemies and king of bosses that normal stories won’t have like some in GD

I cant wait to see info of all new plans. espescially legendaries, new mesteries, new endgame systems.

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