About character disappeared

English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistake, thank you.

According to my test, I can only create up to 20 characters, all records about this character will disappear when I leave the game.

I like this game very much. I have played more than 1000 hours on the STEAM. I look forward to the day when it is officially released.

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There are people playing with more than 20 characters. There probably is a limit but its not as low as 20 characters.

Characters disappearing usually means that there is a corrupted savegame.

Please post the Game Log File - Player.log to check.


You aren’t playing on live, (0.8.5f) are you.

Player.log (802.4 KB)
Player-prev.log (3.5 MB)


You have at least 3 corrupted savegames:

All three of these files are causing lots of logged errors and this will prevent you from creating new characters and saving progress on others.

You need to remove these files (including the temp versions) from the Saves folder while the game is not running.

Unless you have older backups that you made manually before the corruption, there is no way to fix the saves and the characters and their progress/gear would be lost.

Note: if you are using Steam cloud saves, you need to disable it before removing the corrupted files or Steam will just keep trying to resync the bad files. When enabling it again, you need to tell Steam to use your local files as the latest, not the cloud files. If you dont do this, steam will keep copying its copies of the corrupted files back to your local system.

Other observation, your 960 gpu is struggling with the game. Be sure to use lower settings to improve stability and performance. If the game is crashing, it can corrupt your savegames.

Make sure you are running the latest Gpu drivers and Os patches for your system.

It works.

Now I can create new characters.

Thank you.

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